A Brief Report Concerning Zinc

Zinc and iron are microminerals (or trace elements) just as calcium and magnesium are macrominerals.Organismus zþhlen. Daily nutrition should cover our required zinc levels; however, a study of the World Health Organization (WHO) suggests that even in Germany there are cases of nutritional deficiency. The reasons can stem from eating less beef and intensive agriculture depletion of soil nutrients, but remaining individual factors like high stress can lead to zinc deficiency.


According to the DGE* (German Nutritional Association), daily zinc requirement is 12-15mg. Zinc is present in every human cell, yet the total amount in the body does not exceed 2000 3000mg (the weight of a small coin); therefore, even a small deficiency can lead to serious disorders having influence on physical and mental well-being. Rich sources of natural zinc are found for example in oysters, beef tenderloin or liver. Vegetarians, especially those who have stopped eating meat as adults, are prone to a zinc deficiency.


In order to detect possible risks at an early stage, we advise taking the following Zinc Deficiency Risk-Test and, if necessary, to follow a special zinc treatment plan.

This test and special treatment does not replace medical treatment or psychotherapy. In case of doubt, please consult your doctor, therapist or pharmacist for further information.


(* DGE=Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ernährung, Frankfurt/M)