Questions and Answers on Zinc

Can I poison myself with zinc?

Some medical treatments prescribe up to 200mg. of zinc daily. Serious side effects are reported using daily doses between 275 and 550mg. of zinc.

What deficiencies other than zinc exist when meat consumption is low?
There is a risk of iron and vitamins B6 and B12 deficiency while on a diet low in meat over an extended period of time.


Can children be given zinc medication?

Breast milk contains 3-5 mg. zinc per liter. Especially when children seldom eat meat, a zinc supplement, preferably a zinc effervescent tablet, can be useful. The recommended daily dose varies between 3 and 12mg., according to age and need.


Is it possible to become dependant upon zinc?

Zinc is a natural element found in most foods and required by the human organism. We are naturally zinc dependant. As with all minerals and vitamins, zinc intake should remain within the recommended allowance, especially when used over an extended period of time. A regular blood test administered by your doctor is recommended


Can a zinc deficiency be identified in blood?

Blood serum contains less than 1% of the body«s zinc. Should a nutritional deficiency exist, the organism attempts maintaining this level by depleting other resources, e.g. skin or muscles. Hair analysis has proven inappropriate for zinc deficiency testing. The simplest method remains the Zinc Deficiency Risk-Test.